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If you're one of those who are DAMN TIRED OF BIG OIL PRICE GOUGING and want to make a strong defaint stand .then YES, DO invest in Tesla motors. I like TM's CEO who was the character model for Robert Downey's treatment of Iron Man's Tony Stark; the guy has a fresh, bold and brazen vision to stick it to OPEC and Big Oil.And I think the guy is NO Tucker he's got the balls to take Big Oil and the Big Three ( or Five, counting Toyota and Nissan ). True: Tesla motors has sold only ONE car but I got a very strong good feeling about this company ..and I'm NOT alone, either!!!Logically, Tesla will have to fight dirty politics and corporate espionage /sabotage; Big Oil will form an axis w/ the Big Five and they, like Tucker, will go after Tesla Motors. Tesla will prevail.And when sales boom so does Tesla stocks. More car units are sold and with any hope the price WILL go down, making Tesla cars affordable to common Joe Public.You got to have a Tony Stark attitude with the ball$ and money to match -to join Tesla in their bold venture .but I truly believe it's one worth joining.


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