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Dominic Schmelzer

Who's doing the lumping, here?. On this side of the Atlantic, nobody's comparing the US with the EU or Japan. At least not for a long time now.

Dominic Schmelzer

"China's Manifest Destiny" is gaining a dynamic that Tom Clany only dreamed about:
Yes, they are moving North into Russia...


A few days ago, a poll taken in Mexico found 47% of the respondents desired to move to the United States. There was no distinction among educated, uneducated, middle-class, wealthy, or poor. The biggest reasons were crime, violence, government corruption, and lack of transparency. As we all should now know, there are estimates that there are 20,000,000 people in the United States without permission. This is an amazing number, it is nearly equal to the total population of Australia. In the next few days, the "official" population of the U.S.A. will reach 297,000,000. It wasn't that long ago that it topped 296,000,000. By the end of the year, in only a few months, it will be at or near 298,000,000. However, as is the case in every census "estimate," this figure will turn out to be lower when the next census if found. The census bureau produces three "projections." a low series, a medium series, and a high series. The medium series has been rising consistently since first released in the early 90's. The last projection estimated the US population at 273 million in 1999. It estimated the high series at 275 million by 2000. It turned out to be 281 million, however they admit this was too low! What that means is, the US had more people than even the highest estimates suggested. The medium series projection has been raised from 394 million in 1999 to 404 million to 414 million, and now to 420 million. This will probably be raised to at least 425 million before 2010. However, the high series projects 553 million people by then. I'll wager it will be more than the 420 million currently projected.


I really think the American people are worrying over nothing. America's greatest power and best days ARE YET TO COME. Our population has not peaked! It is the ONLY industrialized country experiencing significant growth. Europe is at the beginning of decline, and will decline rapidly at a rate not seen since the Bubonic Plague of the 1300's. North America will soon pass Europe, and there will be nearly 2 BILLION people in the Western Hemisphere by the end of the century. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will decline after 2050. Russia's population decline is accelerating rapidly, and it is going to devastate them. Japan is going to decline by half in the coming decades. China is aging at a velocity never before seen, and will decline rapidly. India is slowing and will stop growing soon. Other Asian nations are following suit. Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore will decline by 2050. In addition to these, Indonesia, and many other Muslim countries with high fertility will slow and begin to decline. The real problem is plummeting fertility, not over-birth. The US will keep on growing till the world stops growing. China and India may get close or may even overtake America economically; however, they won't remain ahead for long, and America will still be many times wealthier than either of the two.


I thought everyone might like to take a look at the enormous population growth the United States of America has enjoyed since its founding. We will begin at the first census:
1790 3,929,214
1800 5,308,483 (+1,379,269)
1810 7,239,881 (+1,931,398)
1820 9,638,453 (+2,398,572)
1830 12,866,020 (+3,227,567)
1840 17,069,453 (+4,203,433)
1850 23,191,876 (+6,122,423)
1860 31,443,321 (+8,251,445)
1870 38,558,371 (+7,115,050)
1880 50,189,209 (+11,630,838)
1890 62,979,766 (+12,790,557)
1900 76,212,168 (+13,232,402)
1910 92,228,496 (+16,016,328)
1920 106,021,537 (+13,793,041)
1930 123,202,624 (+17,181,087)
1940 132,164,569 (+8,961,945)
1950 151,325,798 (+19,161,229)
1960 179,323,175 (+27,997,377)
1970 203,302,031 (+23,978,856)
1980 226,542,203 (+23,240,172)
1990 248,765,170 (+22,222,967)
2000 281,421,906 (+32,656,736)
2005 297,262,777 (+15,840,871)

Total growth 1790-2000 (+277,492,692)
As can be plainly seen, the USA is just getting warmed up.

Donovan Roddy

Reading these comments are interesting, even more so that they were written in 2005. I'm wondering if the commenters positions are still the same here in 2009, much has changed ...


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Not so right from today's perspective. China's GDP (in PPP measurement) will catch up with US this year. However China will probably maintain a 6-7% growth rate in the next decade, which means soon China's PPP will be twice of that of the US. While the new president Xi has announced putting an end to one child policy, China's population might not fall as your article expected.

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