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Kaveh Kh.

That was a nice bomb and it works, except that miserable failure itself brings this one:

I am not sure about the first one yet but the second on the google's list is definitely one miserable failure!

Dominic Schmelzer

Have a heart! The man definitely meant well. It's the third one that should be moved up a few! And why not move #4 up while we're at it!


howard dean will win because of one simple fact - he is cuter than bush ;-) thats life.

Jeanne Schmelzer

And now Howard Dean IS a miserable failure - on the record.

Jeanne Schmelzer (also)

Any relation to (now deceased) Leo and Katherine Schmnelzer from Delphos, Ohio? Couldn't help noticing same father's family is from Delphos. I never see the name Schmelzer. Just Curious.

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