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Juan Suros

Think about the potential uses for these Falcon vehicles.

I can't help but notice that the Falcon 9-S5 could lift a kliper into LEO (I assume this means space station). The payload mass is almost exactly right for this sort of mission. I wonder if this is what SpaceX was thinking about for this configuration.

The Russians are already talking about launching Klipers from Kourou, so launching one from Kwajalein on an american rocket seems within the realm of physics, at least, if not politics.

Notice the Falcon 9-S9 can lift a little more than the current maximum rated lift capacity of the shuttle (24,400kg) and can be launched into polar, space station, or equatorial orbits. I assume this is a poke in the eye of NASA. If not, it may be a veiled offer to deliver the remaining space station modules at a bargain price, in direct competition to the CEV cargo variants.

Harlenar Jones

Mr. Suros:

Some space station modules could not be delivered by the F9-S9 despite its Shuttle-equivalent lift capacity because the payload bay of the shuttle better supports the modules during launch, and the additional support structure required inside the fairing of an F9-S9 would increase the weight past maximum capacity.

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