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Lutz Kayser

Dan:"It is a shame that SpaceX has to take its share of lumps"
Actually it is a shame that a bunch of "rocket specialists" convinced a well intented investor to built a flimsy copy of Blockmart's glittery technology. It is irresponsible to try to fly an all-up vehicle without any suborbital first stage tests and concurrently build a 9-engine monster.

Hope and hype are no substitute for serious rocket research and development. Beal, Kistler, Musk, Bezos, Page, and other angel investors should not be dragged into such expensive adventures without proper advice how to build modular low-cost rocket propulsion
that has a demonstrated confidence level.

Daniel Schmelzer

I have a lot of sympathy for the approach that you advocate. Soon, we may see something interesting from the likes of John Carmack that are roughly along these lines.

However, I don't think Musk could well be described as an angel investor. He is lead engineer on the Falcon and his investment is at-risk. Despite this setback, he has a business case for the Falcon that will probably close successfully. It may only be an incremental improvement overall, but that's of at least modest value to us. The risk-taking should be respected and praised.

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