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Šimun Selak

Maybe the search volume for those queries is so low that one event can skew the results significantly. Maybe some school in Huntsville gave all students an assignment to write about SpaceX which made hundreds of kids look it up many times, while in normal circuimstances only a small number of enthusiasts would have done so.

Daniel Schmelzer

Actually, my post was tongue-in-cheek. Huntsville is of course, Rocket City, USA and the home of American manned spaceflight.

Huntsville has thousands of jobs to lose if SpaceX is successful, so there may be lot of people looking over their shoulders at SpaceX. But a more innocent explanation is that Huntsville just is very interested in rocketry and searches accordingly.

Los Angeles is the home of SpaceX and much aerospace industry besides. Washington is the home of the agencies that are SpaceX's biggest customers.

Šimun Selak

I thought Huston is rocket city. Much I don't know about USA :-)

Daniel Schmelzer

Similar. Houston is "Space City."

Huntsville, Alabama was the home of the German rocketry team under von Braun that was so instrumental in our early space efforts, including Apollo.

Dan Schrimpsher

I could be skewing Huntsville, as I post news update everyday on such things :)

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