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Actually, the AirTrain is complete now, and runs free thru the terminals (all 7 or (?) of them). Then when it heads off site, it costs $5 to get off at either terminal, one at the Aqueduct station on the A, or one on the Jamaica transit node for the E and other lines. (Jamaica has the Airtrain 2-3 stories in the air, the LIRR on ground level with huge train access, and the subway below ground with several lines passing through).

LaGuardia sucks by transit, but the M60 is about 15 minutes to the Astoria (I think) station on the QNR line.

Newark in NJ, also has an AirTrain that takes you to the train (NJ Transit trains in this case) for a few bucks (girlfriend payed for me the only time I took it, so I do not know how much), into Manhattan.

I would be curious as to the why as well!

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