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"And even if SpaceDev didn't deliver on the engines and Scaled Composites had to redesign the engines for them to work as hoped -- as seems quite possible -- then Rutan just should have let SpaceDev gain a negative reputation in the industry of its own accord."

Wow! I wonder where in the "feud" you gleaned that information. The problems between these two arise strictly from an issue of due credit. Each wants to take a bit more than they may appropriately deserve. Redesign the engines? From what i know about the project, SpaceDev provided a propulsion system which performed far in excess of what Scaled asked for in their original RFP. This tuning had nothing to do with the motor case, nozzle or oxidizer tank - the components i understand Rutan should rightfully take credit for, and everything to do with the other elements which SpaceDev developed.

Daniel Schmelzer

I don't know that the feud arises strictly from an issue of due credit. I have no information to confirm that fact (and have heard insinuations otherwise), and frankly don't really care. I have no dog in this fight and think it's ridiculous besides.


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