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Mike McCray

Interesting conclusion that you made with regards to front loading cash flow as an indication of "lucrative contract". That would give me an indication that they needed more upfront assistance to get over their current technical situation. Considering that they are advertising their launches and their vast array of existing contracts, why would they pull all the money forward unless they 'needed' it. The merger with Rocketplane and Kistler with the timeline of their funding requests makes me wonder what those guys at RpK have up their sleeve that they're not sharing with the rest of the world.

Either way, the best of luck to both companies!


Daniel Schmelzer

Hi Mike--

I rather meant it as a recitation of a fact rather than as a conclusion. In all business, early money is better than later money. But it is especially true in start-up rocket endeavors, what with their extreme discount rates.

These are neutral statements, and I wish nothing but the best to both companies.


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