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Space-X have also made NASA their anchor customer for Dragon. Their whole Dragon effort, as with Bigelow's efforts, have far too small of a commercial market to justify their costs unless the bulk of the costs are to be recouped through future NASA contracts.

Elon Musk is just a better politician than the Rocketplane people. It's the same old NASA contractor politics. Nothing new here except the "" pretense as a cover.

Daniel Schmelzer

This is not quite true. SpaceX conceived of the Falcon 9 with human spaceflight in mind and was proceeding with the rocket no matter the NASA business.

It's tough to know whether Musk was planning on NASA business for the Dragon. As I recall, SpaceX did work on Dragon well before it won a COTS contract. To be sure, the COTS contract has accelerated Dragon development.


"Space-X have also made NASA their anchor customer for Dragon."

True, but more broadly Space-X has signed up other customers for Falcon 9, including a variety of commercial satellites. RpK has not, which is why it couldn't get investor funding. Orbital Sciences is a far more mature company than either, it already has a large base of shareholders and so easily meets NASA's criteria, but their shareholders will be rather angry if they can't follow through by getting many non-NASA customers for the souped-up Taurus.

Calling these R&D programs "off the shelf" already strains the definition of that phrase. RpK's complete dependence on NASA broke it completely.

Bigelow's finances, if they are to come from anyone but Bigelow himself, depend on a multiplicity of foreign government customers, and of the U.S. government allowing such competition to the ISS (Bigelow can easily be stopped under ITAR). I'm not holding my breath, but Bigelow is not out their begging others for money so he can do whatever he wants.

It's silly for folks to dream up plans whose main realistic source of revenue is NASA and then complain about NASA's behavior. In any business the paying customer is king. If you don't like NASA, stop trying to make cheap knock-offs of preposterously uneconomical NASA projects. Even if reduced in cost by two orders of magnitude, which is highly unlikely, the vast majority of what NASA does makes no business sense, including their entire manned space program. Instead of mimicking NASA, make something useful to people on earth, like a neat suborbital trip, or a better comsat, or a better way to launch satellites, or something similar that you can actually get people to directly pay their own money for.



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