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This is not a fault, Rio Ferdinand, but now the dust has settled, Roy Hodgson is a good look at his England today, the rest of us can be forgiven for thinking again, feeling a bit like 2006.

Ah, 2006. Arsenal played still at Highbury, until May, the same month and reached the Champions League final. Responsible for Mourinho at Chelsea. Tony Blair is a responsible country. Responsible for England captain David Beckham, some people think the team too. By the fake sheikh scandals, Baden Baden and Crouch's robot dance, they entered the quarter-finals of this year's World Cup.

In the past 16 England defeated Ecuador, polite turned out to be Beckham's last goal for his country competition. The notable feature in that game outfield players in Stuttgart began seven years ago, on June 5, is likely to start the World Cup qualifier against Montenegro a week tomorrow.

Draw the Hodgson's strongest side Montenegro - impossible XI facing San Marino (Friday) - and it might look something like this: Joe Hart, Glen - Johnson, Rio Ferdinand, Gary - Cahill, Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard, Michael Carrick, Walcott Rooney: Welbeck and Jermain Defoe.

That side, of course, the debate, but either way, be sure to play, if appropriate, Cole, Michael Carrick, Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney are watching. [url=][i][u][b]Pas Cher Ralph Lauren[/b][/u][/i][/url] Five people in 2006, England to Ecuador.

In mitigation, Ferdinand the inclusion may turn out to be a temporary measure, and raised in the 2014 World Cup Finals (UK qualifications), may be challenging emerging talent team. Allowed fitness - Jack Wilshere will be around the summer of 2014, he will be only 22.

But indisputable fact, this is an old England, which did not significantly moving on from the past two World Cup finals. Outfield starters, it is assumed that Montenegro's average age is 28 years old and eight months, five players aged 30 years or older. Is not necessarily catastrophic itself, but rather indicates the trend with England, the older players to stay in the lineup longer find yourself rely on in difficult times, in the case of Ferdinand.

Consider Britain's European counterparts. France 13 FIFA ranking places below the UK, after the disappointing performance (to conceal the circumstances of the last two major tournaments, the 2010 World Cup) reconstruction is a good comparison. France began outside the field, attracting October with the Spanish players in the team's average age is only 26 years old and 7 months, only Patrice Evra (31) 30.

Spain is a relatively unhappy, [url=][i][u][b]Sac Longchamp[/b][/u][/i][/url] although this is difficult to compare anyone, not to mention Britain's last two European Championship defending world champions and winners. However, they began outfield 10 against France, the average age was 27 years and two months. Their oldest player is Harvey, 33.

As for Germany, the country ranked second, FIFA and UEFA qualifiers Group C in the world, and their average age is only 26 years old, in the 4-4 draw with Sweden in the World Cup qualifiers, outfield October 10 . Their current lineup with Kazakhstan in World Cup qualifying double header, does not include a single player over the age of 30. They do not just have a team in 2014, they have a 2018 World Cup.

It all begs the question, what is the best age distribution for an international team, bearing in mind the international game is more suitable for the elderly of both school of thought. Won the Italian side of the World Cup in 2006, is generally considered to be an example of a successful "old" team, started the last 10 outfield players average 29-year-old, although they only have two of the more than 30-year-old. 32-27 year-old Andrea Pirlo, their youngest players, their age range is compressed.

The eligibility of the players get the right mix, keeping one eye may still be a contender team to the game itself, the international management is an acute difficulties. As always, the England national team coach to a great extent on the powerless. He left based on Lescott, he did not play enough Manchester City, but was forced to recall him last night.

It must be concerned about those in the UK's long-term future of the equity in the current lineup, meet today 8 players 30 years of age and older: Ferdinand (34), Frank Lampard (33), Steven Gerrard (32), Sri Lanka Kurt Parker (32), Leon Osman (31), Michael Carrick (31), of the Lescott (30) and Jermain Defoe (30).

This is more than a total of eight, 30-year-old, is the same as the combined total over -30 outfield players from this week's current team, Spain (Xavi, Alonso and Arbeloa); Netherlands (Joris Mathijsen, pull Law Fan DER van der Vaart, Kuyitelu Schaken), France (Evra) and Germany (no).

Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand will always be criticism generation like their trophy to take home, and even make the final failure in major tournaments. From the UK Station today, this seems unlikely, given the record of the European team in South America, Brazil next year will change.

However, when it comes to the over 30 year-olds, one thing is certain: they are large or small extent, depends on the manager Eriksson from consecutive four. This is not so much that you worry about, should have replaced their generation.
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